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Musical instru- ments have been described under their English names, except instruments peculiar to a certain nation, in which case they are given under the name by which they are known in the language of that nation. d as m deem n thine n adjure n be n get n file g as in go n as in hail n light n tin n joke n Kite n lump in mine n nine represents the French nasal, usu- ally n or m 6 as in mote 5 as in on 6 as in song oo as in loon owas in how p as in post r as in roll s as in sent t as in tap th as in thank th as in these is represented by dh u as in blue fi as in utter The French u and the German long u are represented by u V as in survive w as in well y as in yet z as in zone dh as dj as e as € as f as as as as as as as as m as n as The following notes are in no sense a comprehensive set of rules. They are offered as a possible aid to the better understanding of the more dif- ficult sounds in the French, Italian and Gerhian. The work contains a number of special features not covered in any other musical dictionary. Dances, National Songs, Poetic Meters, Modes and the Parts of the Mass. Each of these has been defined under the general term and also each specific dance, song, meter, etc., has been included in its alphabetical place.

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