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There is a large room with a swimming pool, two large hot tubs and an over sized bed, this area is 'clothing optional' and is generally 95 % nude.

I'm an older guy, and live out of state, Tes is mid 40s, and very sexually open.

I groaned and gave fair warning and, as Tes had done with her man, she buried me to the base and took my cum in her mouth.

First Tes, then her husband took turns kissing her and sampling my cum from her mouth before she turned and kissed me hard, forcing her tongue into my mouth as my cock had just been.

His wife snorted and said something about them not wasting time recovering as Tes said simply 'nope' and engulfed the head of his cock.

We watched her do her magic on that cock and as we enjoyed their show, her hand resumed its work on my cock.

We all sat back and relaxed in the glow of powerful orgasms, imperceptibly migrating back to our respective partners, chatting as though we were long time friends.

Too soon we said our good byes and slowly made our way home after a fantastic evening...

She released her legs from my head and asked for a hand up so she could sit upright and watch her guy finish off Tes' orgasm.Mid 4th Qtr the game was essentially over with both teams trying to run out the clock, so we looked at one another and said, MC?In unison and started making our way out of the stadium.Once there warming up we all started to talk, they were semi frequent visitors to MC but were moving out of state the upcoming weekend so this was their last visit for a while.They hosted sex toy parties, ala Tupperware apparently, which piqued Tes' interest no end. As we chatted and got acquainted he started enjoying Tes' tits and his wife started to fondle my cock as I enjoyed hers and Tes explored him.

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