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5 With these Pompey came forth, drove Clodius from the forum, and summoned the citizens to the vote.And it is said that the people never passed any vote with such unanimity. " And they, like a chorus trained in responsive song, as he shook his toga, would answer each question by shouting out "Pompey." 49 1 Of course this also was annoying to Pompey, who was not accustomed to vilification and was inexperienced in this sort of warfare; but he was more distressed when he perceived that the senate was delighted to see him insulted and paying a penalty for his betrayal of Cicero.6 The senate, too, vying with the people, wrote letters of thanks to all the cities which had ministered to Cicero during his exile, and decreed that his house and his villas, which Clodius had destroyed, should be restored at the public cost.7 And finally, when Pompey appeared at a public trial, Clodius, having at his beck and call a rabble of the lewdest and most arrogant ruffians, stationed himself in a conspicuous place and put to them such questions as these: "Who is a licentious imperator? 2 When, however, it had come to blows and even wounds in the forum, and a servant of Clodius, stealing along through the crowd of bystanders towards Pompey, was found to have a sword in his hand, Pompey made this his excuse, although he was also afraid of the insolent abuse of Clodius, and came no more into the forum as long as Clodius was tribune, but kept himself continually at home, where he was ever debating with his friends how he might appease the anger of the senate and the nobility against him.3 To Culleo, however, who urged him to divorce Julia and exchange the friendship of Caesar for that of the senate, he would not listen, but he yielded to the arguments of those who thought he ought to bring Cicero back, who was the greatest enemy of Clodius and most beloved in the senate, and he escorted Cicero's brother, who was a petitioner for his return, with a large force into the forum, where, though some were wounded and some killed, he nevertheless got the better of Clodius.

51-52, concerns a time period when Cicero had been exiled from Rome and Pompey was deciding that he needed to change his political focus and support having Cicero's banishment reversed.

4 And when Cicero returned to the city by virtue of the law then passed, he immediately reconciled Pompey to the senate,....

expands upon Clodius's insults to Pompey (I didn't even include all of the discussion of how Clodius disses Pompey), which contributed to Pompey's dissatisfaction with his ally, and that the passage in also does not happen to state at what point in all of this Clodius's term in office expired.

The most that can be said is that the narrative in is shorter and less detailed concerning these events, but they appear to be entirely compatible.

It is an example of Licona's odd woodenness and over-reading that he takes the relative brevity of the narrative in to mean that Plutarch is writing of different events as if they are one event and writing of a series of events deliberately as if they take place over different periods of time.

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