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“Within Just Culture, staff are not terminated for simple human error.” Experts in patient safety say terminating an individual worker is rarely the answer to even the worst mistakes, unless they’re the result of repeated, willful flouting of established procedures or intentional harm.

It’s far better to identify and address the problems in the system that contributed to the error, said Mary Z.

Of those, two-thirds reported anxiety about future errors and half reported decreased job confidence and satisfaction, the study found.

Although the survey focused on doctors, researchers said they believed the results could apply broadly to nurses and other health care workers as well.

Scott, a registered nurse and patient safety director at the University of Missouri Health Care.

That hospital is among a handful in the country to have established a formal support system to help providers cope with difficult patient outcomes or errors.

She was Facebook friends with Alana Zautner, Kaia’s mom, hospital officials said.

Reached by, Alana Zautner declined to comment publicly.

It’s not clear whether Hiatt’s mistake actually caused the death of the child, who was critically ill. However, state lawyers said the child’s fragile condition and poor prognosis would have made it difficult to prove legally that the overdose caused her death five days later, records show.

That’s nearly double the 98,000 deaths attributed to preventable errors in the pivotal 2000 report “To Err is Human,” by the Institute of Medicine, which galvanized the nation's patient safety movement.

In reality, though, the doctors, nurses and other medical workers who commit errors are often traumatized as well, with reactions that range from anxiety and sleeping problems to doubt about their professional abilities — and thoughts of suicide, according to two recent studies.

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