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She felt three cold rings of metal accompanied by a pair of wet and violent lips sliding over her, stopping at the fold of her neck to bite down hard enough to make tears well up.She felt his breath in her ear, her hair standing on end, her heart pummelling violently in her chest.The girl's tear-strained eyes widedened as her body began to shake, knowing what came with those sounds.Shannon began to sob violently, wheezing more than crying, her throat dry from abuse and dehydration.

Her legs were spread wide apart with a long metal pipe between them, attached to another chain which was hooked to the loop above the entire thing, forcing her legs to be both split and bent painfully upwards.

A few fragments of teeth lay littered on the concrete a few inches below her suspended body.

Her neck was stiff to the point of agony, her arms swollen and thickly veined, held tightly above her head in the maniacal contraption.

Shannon knew she was going to die, it was no longer a question of if, but rather of how and when.

Black, impeccably shined, steel tipped combat boots clinked beneath Shannon's head. Sharp nails dug into the sides of her cheeks, wrenching her bruised face upwards."Yes..I guess I should have..

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