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This we all know; we’re all in it together, remember.

Oh, and stop with the “I don’t know what to write” rubbish, too – tell me about yourself, and not what your best friend, who just happens to be a girl, says.

With that in mind, I decided to have a serious go at goading the fat, creepy flying kid in a nappy to fire a sharp object at me. Online Dating Even now, dating over the internet has a stigma attached to it, throwing up images of guys in a box room, playing World of Warcraft with one hand and doing God knows what else with the other.

I was going to try my hand on the dating scene, and have a go at a few tried and trusted methods so I could write about them for Left Lion. Signing up to a dating site is scary; I worried that I’d know at least twenty percent of the people on there, Nottingham being the small, intimate place that it is.

We spent time discussing the best way of replying, and how to get rid of the less desirable folk.

Fast, fun-filled and a fantastic way to socialise and meet new people, speed dating in Nottingham is ideal for those living, working or socialising in Nottingham.

An ever popular city, Nottingham continues to attract a range of wide range of individuals from various backgrounds, cultures and career paths to provide an interesting mix of singles looking for love.

My favourite message was sent one cold, wet Wednesday night just before Christmas: “do you WANT TO MEET? But for every one of them, there were at least two dickheads sending messages like; “So why can’t you date in the real world? ” By the time I was inching towards actually meeting someone in real life, I was bombarded with horror stories from friends (my favourite: the dinner date a friend went on that ended swiftly when the guy started to cry and he had to get her to call his mum).

Thankfully, the date I went on wasn’t that bad, but we were definitely not right for each other. Speed dating If it’s good enough for the cast of Sex and the City, it’s good enough for the rest of us, right?

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Luckily, there were only two, one of whom knew what I was up to. Choosing the right username was harder than I thought. Would a pic of me on a night out give out the best signals? Then there’s the profile blurb; I went for some vague waffle about my job, books and films, whereas my friend (who joined me in my online dating foray) just listed one-word answers.

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