Dating someone with bad credit

No one is perfect, so there is no point in being ashamed about your bad credit — it is only one of the many things that make up who you are.

A high score effectively means that their prospective date has been paying their bills off on time, or only uses a small percentage of their available credit on credit cards. ) Still have to admit that it's a relevant indicator for serious relationships, but not one you're likely to ever find out before it's too late.Younger daters are not as concerned about these three digits: 45% of older millennials, defined here as those aged 27 to 36, said that knowing someone’s credit score would only have a minor impact on their desire to date.When the time comes to talk to your partner, know the situation that you’ll be presenting, so that you can be practical and constructive. A) If your debt load is something you can chip away at and pay down by being more frugal in your day-to-day life, and/or by earning some extra money, then that’s an ideal action to take. If you’ve just got high credit card debt, unless you have defaulted, credit repair can’t help you.(Maybe it’s not even as bad as the shame makes it feel like it is! B) Another route is to get a debt consolidation loan, where you borrow a lump sum to pay off all your credit cards, and then you only make the payments on that loan.3. But if you’ve got things that can be negotiated, like late payments, anything in collections, accounts assigned to your ex in a divorce decree, or if you have been a victim of identity theft, then credit repair is worth considering.4. Whatever your choice is, get your partner on board and explain how they can support you. Something to the effect of, “Honey, when I was in my twenties, [or got divorced, got sick, etc.] my credit took some hits.

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If they are in a position to pay for more dinners or trips, accept their generosity with gratitude.6. If someone offers to pay all your cards off, do some deep soul searching about what kind of strings might come with it, and get it in writing, even if it’s that there are no strings. Tip: If you want the best credit score, pay the credit cards down over time, rather than all at once.

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