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JUDGING: By ten regional councils of prom- inent advertising executives. Certificates to Runners-Up in both American and International competitions. THE NINTH ANNUAL FILM FESTIVAL AMERICAN PERSONNEL & GUIDANCE ASSOCIATION Held in conjunction with the Annual APGA Convention at New Orleans, Louisiana March 23-25, 1970 CATEGORIES: Films and filmstrips in the following categories will be presented: Inter- Personal Relations; Educational and Career Planning, Rehabilitation; Counseling; The Pro- fess.'on. Until very recently, business cinema, like theatrical cinema has been totally controlled. He may have an idea of what he wants to get on film, but he is also aware that he may not find "truth" as he thought it existed.

In 1969, there were 2064 TV entries, 968 Radio entries and 402 International entries. INFORMATION: 16mm reel of winners is available from Wallace A. Principles and Techniques; and Guid- ance Films from other countries. By controlled, we mean that every step, every gesture, every word, every scene in the film was written, desianed and directed. Let's say a company wanted to film its employment office and methods of hiring.

Develops super-8mm or 16mm Ektachrome at speeds up to 20 feet per minute. Each cycle precisely timed and all temperatures rigidly, automatically controlled to meet Kodak requirements. Many exclusive features includ- ing Houston Tendency Drive, the finest made. ponsor & Distributor: Illinois Scsquicenten- nial Commission olden Eagle — CINE old Camera — U. Industrial Film Festival old Medal — Atlanta International Film Festi\al Trio For Three Angles roducer & Sponsor: Bruce & Katherine Comvvell 'istributor: International Film Bureau olden Eagle — CINE rogrammed — 5th International Week, Edu- cational & Teaching Films, Brussels pecial Panel Prize — 4th International Ex- hibition of Scientific Films, Buenos Aires Vitamins From Food Producer: Wexler Film Productions Sponsor: Dairy Council of Cahf. Diploma of Participation — 12th Golden Mer- cury — Venice Blue Ribbon — American Film Festival Golden Eagle — CINE Water Producer: Cavalcade Productions Inc. Films from Italy were also multiple award winners with one third and a fourth prize. to r.): Jack Gabrielson, Mc Donnell-Douglas Corp.; Harold Daffer, Honeywell, Inc.; Wm. Grand Prix and Inforfilni honors given Why Man Ciea U'\ were supplemented by the seeond prize awarded Operutor in category F and by the fourth prize trophy given The Sianijicance of You in the highly-competitive category C. (3) judge technical ami artistic qualities of the film, consider visual quality, sound and tempo. We'll also show you how these active, high-income family groups can be watching your sponsored film this coming summer. He wanted to break out of theater cin- ema and enter the arena of life. It was not until after the Second World War, that the current interest in what we now call Cinema Verite was born.

Exhibi- tion of Scientific Films, Buenas Aires Golden Eagle — CINE Gold Medal — Atlanta International Film Festival ('liris Statuette — Columbus Film Festi\al Once Upon A Time Producer: MPO Productions Sponsor: United Air Lines Golden Eagle — CINE Silver Phoenix — Atlanta International Film Festival Gold Medal — N. Film Festixal On Guard Producer: Don Hoster Spon.sor: District Attorney L. Super-8mm/16mm EKTACHROME ALSO B&W MODELS SOON PAYS FOR ITSELF Save processing costs and valuable time with the Houston E-16-8-30. Send foi PHOTO PRODUCTS, IP THE WORLD KNOWS OUR PROD .4 Tradition of i JANUARY, 1970 most honored films continued Ski The Outer Limits Producer: Summit Films, Inc. Company Distributors: Modem Talking Picture Service, Associated Films Bronze Medal — N. Machines Producer & Sponsor: Bell Telephone Labora- tories, Inc. Golden Eagle — CINE Diploma of Participation — 7th International Festival of Science Fiction, Trieste Diploma of Participation — 7th Golden Mer- cury Competition, Venice Tomorrow Is A Day roducer: Guggenheim Productions, Inc. Wliy Man Creates added to its laurels when it received the annual Inforfilm plaque, presented by this international distribution organization as symbolic of "its great po- tential worldwide audience interest." Infor- film secretary-general Jan Botermans, of Brussels, presented the plaque to O. Small in geographical size, but strong at Berlin, Switzerland carried home four prizes out of its 1 1 entries, winning a first place, two "thirds" and a fourth. (2) is the fihn likely to communicate at the level of the specified audience? Hotels, mo- tels and camps that play host to over 6 million film-viewing vacationers every summer. That's why we'd like to send you a free copy of our informative resort cinema audience survey. The seeds of this movement appeared in the early 20th century when the Russian filmmaker Vertov saw the necessity of filming life as it hap- pens, of filming people with their masks off.

By the end of the school year, these films will be seen by three million student viewers. If you'd like to know how to send your company to college, contact Modern. A special International TV and cinema category is open to entries from all other countries. based on strength of the sales message, vis- ual and aural appeal and the all-over tech- nical skill. Can it help us to solve problems, sell products, train men.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60611 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30324 (31 2) -642-6453 (404)-633-144P S JANUARY, 1970 0. Golden Eagle — CINE Certificate of Participation — 2.3rd Interna- tional Film Festival, Edinburg BUSINESS SCREEN ujherever you are ujhatever ijou Film color bq .deluxe. Tliey catch on without difficulty because modern poidtry breeding gives them con- tact and initiative which they didn't have in grandfather's lienhouse . ." Of more serious import is our sobering analysis of the many aspects of modern in- dustry represented on the screens in West Berlin. Finally, in 1961, the movement was named by Jean La Rouch, a French film- maker who invented the term Cinema Verite.

A total of six Gold and Silver Hugo Awards are made in addi- tion to the issuance of certificates of partici- pation for all films accepted in the competi- tion. From 15,000 feet to the top, they had to carry everything they needed on their backs. The pure Cinema Verite film is on the opposite side of the circle from the fully controlled, totally scripted industrial film. Let's call it "Cinema Verite Attitude." What do we mean by Cinema Verite Atti- tude?

SPECIAL FILMS: Industrial film entries w iiich, because of budget, size, multiplicity of images or screens, are termed "special" and treated in a separate category. Diiector, 6th (Chicago In- ternational I-'ilin Festixai, 235 W. Simply put it means, for me, captur- ing on film realism of action, thought and emotion as close as possible to the way it actually happened, happens, or will happen.

Radio entries are grouped by size of market reached. AWARDS: A golden "CLIO" statuette to each Best of Product Category and Spec'al Citation winner. communicate ideas, spread a corporate philosophy, help us enrich our world? In Cinema Verite the filmmaker studies and understands the subject he is to film, l.e ap- proaches each problem assuming he does not know the answer.BUSINESS SCREEN SCREENING: St Tcfiiiiius are free and open to tlie pul)lie. It means putting truth in front of the camera, rather than finding my trutii in the camera as I shoot. In pure Cinema Verite filming the filmmaker waits for things to happen. Waits for character definition and revelation to ap- pear. In Cinema Verite Attitude, believability can be achieved in different ways. Dress, language, interrelationships of people, and attitudes are carefully noted.This inelndes u screening at the lesti\al tlieater as well as aiklitional industrial liliii prolyl. After studying and understanding that which we want to represent on the screen we can insti- gate real people in a real situation. Or we can put actors in a real situation, give them an understanding of what is wanted and let them improvise — care in casting has previously been taken to assure us that we have actors who can improvise. The sequence is shot, if possible, in the location where the action is supposed to take place. Sponsor: Great Northern Railwav Golden Eagle — CINE Bronze Medal — Atlanta International Film Festival Award of Merit Certificate — National Safet\' Council 12 BUSINESS SCREEN The Perils of Priscilla Pnxliiccr: Diincnsion l-"ilms Sponsor: Pasadena Ilimiano Society Distiilnitor; C'liurchill Minis llronze Medal — N. Film Festival Cliris Certificate — Columbus Film Festival Cold Medal — Atlanta International I'ilrn Festival Colden Kaiile — CINE Certificate of Participation — 23rd Interna- tional Film Festival — Edinburgh A Place To CJrovv- Producer: Pcckham Productions Sponsor: Eastman Kodak Distributor: Eastman ('hefnical Productions Colden Eagle — CINE Silver Medal — Atlanta International Festival Silver Medal — N. Film Festival Prescription: Roses Producer: The John Hopkins Universitv — Applied Physics Lab Sponsor: Dept. Nuclear, Telecom- munications Review, Rome Clold Medal — 7th International Festival of Maritime & Exploration Films, Toulon Diploma of Participation — I2th Golden Mer- cur\' — \'enice Radio Bantu Producer: Killarney Film Studios Sponsor: South African Information Service Distributor: Sterling Movies Silver Medal — N. Sponsor: Robert Kennedy Memorial Founda- tion Distributor: General Pictures Corporation Golden Eagle — CINE Blue Ribbon — American Film Festival Gold Cindv — IFPA Lee Second Sight Mendelson Film Productions, Producer: Inc. Industrial Film Festival Bronze Medal — Atlanta International Film Festival Emih' — American Film Festival C:olden Eagle — CINE Silver Cup — 25th International Competition of Sports Motion Pictures, Cortina Honorable Mention — Chicago International Film Festival Sky Capers Producer & Distributor: Pyramid Film Pro- ducers Sponsor: Carl Boenish Colden Eagle — CINE Diploma of Honor — 25th International Com- petition of Sports Motion Pictures, Cortina Diploma of Merit — 2nd International Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro Steps Toward Maturity & Health Producer: Walt Disney Educational Materials Sponsor: Upjohn Company MR. the increasing difficulty in achieving greater sales . having to hire so many salesmen to find so few good ones ;t will make you aware of the "the greatest need in Distributor: Walt Disney Educational Material Colden Eagle — CINE Chris Statuette — Columbus Film Festival Diploma of Honor with Special Mention — 6th International E.\hibition of Scientific- Films, Buenos Aires Strange Partners Producer and Sponsor: Reela Films Distributor: Sterling Movies Golden Eagle — CINE Diploma of Honor with Special Mention — 6th International E.xhibition of Scientific Films, Buenos Aires 1st Prize — Hoje de Tilo de Plata — 7th International Children's Film Festival, La Plata Silver Anchor & Diploma — 7th International Festival of Maritime & Exploration Films, Toulon Subject: Packaging Producer: Coldsholl & Assoc. Jury ballots gave the Festival's coveted Grand Prix awards to the U. first prize winner: Why Man Creates, sponsored by Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. This film was the overwhelming favorite of both the juries and the delegates at West Berlin. Adding to first place and Grand Prix iionors, films from Britain also tallied three second-place trophies and one fourth award to merit top honors at West Berlin. What can Cinema Verite bring to spon- sored films today'.' In fact, what is the place of Cinema Verite in business films today and in the future'.' A simple answer to this question is im- possible. Shooting people in real situations, he trys to capture the emi'- tional truth of a moment without imposin'i his will on it. Industrial Film Festival Bronze Medal — Atlanta International Film Festival On The Move Producer & Sponsor; Lockheed Aircralt Cor- poration Eastern Airlines Ionosphere — Atlanta Inter- national Film Festival (^hris Certificate — Columbus Film Festival Silver Cindy — IFPA Paced To Live Producer & Distributor: Empire Photosound, Inc. Public Health Service Colden Eagle — CINE Chris Certificate — Columbus Film Festival C;old Cindy — IFPA Project Apollo Producer, Sponsor & Distributor: USIA/E. Colden Eagle — CINE Certificate of Participation — 2nd Interna- tional Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro (iolden Rocket, Diploma of Merit — 16th In- ternational Electronic. Producer & Distributor: Guggenheim Produc- tions, Inc. the difficulty in motivating today's salesmen to be more productive ... The : first four categories A-B-C-D embrace gen- ■ eral audience subjects and the latter three ;over "special interest" films for internal training, employee indoctrination, safety, ate, generally of lower budget cost. '•^'J7:^-ia»'" We get positive results from negative thinking. We plan, organize and coordinate our editorial, sound studio and film processing capability far ahead to assure you a film full of clarity, detail, true sound, true color, true black and white. .n^l 1^ DISTRIBUTION SERVICES 212-777-6600 »^* ■•*.'i '■S::*\. .'.^■'■^' An atlivily if Universal Ediitaliun and Visual Ails, a division ol il Cily Studios. Cinema N'erite techniques have been used in feature films, documen- tary films, educational films, and some busi- ness films.

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EDITORIAL AND ADVERTISING OFFICES 402 West Liberty Drive Wheaton, Illinois 60187 Phone (312) 653-4040 REGIONAL OFFICES WEST: H. Sponsor: Kaiser Aluminum & Chemicals Distributor: Modern Talking Picture Service Gold Medal — International Festival, Moscow Golden Eagle — CINE Blue Ribbon — American Film Festival Oscar — Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Information Award, Grand Prix & First Award — International Industrial Film Festival Waterford Glass Award, Statuette of St. Beatty, Boise Cascade Corp.; Ott Coelln, head of U. delegation; Bruce Thomas, Modern Talking Picture Service; and E. and produced by the Festival's sole woman producer, Nell Cox. Denmark submitted five films; Spain, four; Finland, two; Austria, two; and Belgium and Portugal had a single entry apiece. At some previous CEIF-sponsored Festivals, there was a con- siderable difference in screen quality be- tween 16mm and 35mm prints. Although the vast majority of entries at Berlin, es- pecially subjects from European lands, were 35mm color prints (84 of 121 entries), there were 38 entries on 16mm print stock and every one of these was shown with ex- ceptional clarity and brilliance. Underscoring the dominance of color in today's industrial motion pictures there was One of the worlds i;rejt iii Ltt'ng places, //est Berlin's Congress Hall was the festival site. When these men came back to civilian life they began to use new techniaues to get closer to the story they were covering.

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