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We need some tenderness.'And it seems the trend is spreading beyond Ukraine, with New York hairstylist Ilker Akyol using the vinok as inspiration for a range of floral crowns he created for a party hosted by luxury accessory designer Coach earlier this year.

Lviv regional police say a criminal investigation has been opened relating to underage sex.

Tanya whispered back: 'I can't.'In one troubling sequence, tears rolled down her face and she could not answer as she was quizzed about having sex with the neighbour: 'And he began, to do what? Presenter Andrey Danilevich, from Inter TV, claimed he was simply seeking to uncover the truth.'The girl, who got pregnant at the age of 11, is in any case is the victim of adult irresponsibility and manipulations,' he said.'Now almost all the men in Borislav town who visited the Luchishin family are under suspicion, including the girl's stepfather and brothers. There were no pains.'I felt contractions on 18 September, it was 35 weeks - so then my daughter was born.'Anna admitted: 'Now my husband Ivan and my son Volodya are under suspicion. He said: ''Mum, don't mock me.' I spoke to my husband.'He was really upset, and he told me he wanted to do a DNA test, because he could not live like this.

'She was asked if she 'liked' the neighbour who came to her house when no-one else was home to demand sex with the 11 year old. 'We all know how cruel the people's tongues can be. But it may not be him.'Psychologists have expressed strong concern that the public ordeal is having on a 'depressed' Tanya and critics say she should be seen as a child victim of multiple rapes, one of them evidently incestuous, and not forced to become the star of a show seen as a new low in reality television. Anna said: 'I should not say this but I don't know now if I can trust my daughter. Tanya is upset now, she does not want to say more.'Tanya said she did not realise she was pregnant until a doctor noticed when she accompanied her mother to a check-up for her baby sister.'Tanya was sent to a scan and within a minute the doctor said: 'You're pregnant? ' Tanya began to say: 'No, I can't be pregnant.' 'And the next moment doctor asked her: 'Who did you sleep with? He wants to prove to the whole of Ukraine that it was not him.'When we came back home from the police that day, he got drunk.

The excruciating television programme subsequently revealed a DNA test which showed the baby was not his although he admitted to having slept with her, a crime which could see him jailed for between five and ten years.

Under interrogation in front of a TV audience, a tearful and distressed Tanya, now 12, later indicated she had been also forced to have sex around the time she conceived with someone else, a member of her own family.

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She said strongly: 'No.'The presenter went on: 'So nobody was at home and he knew it, right? It is important to find out who is the father of Tanya's child in order to stop the speculation.'Anna, Tanya's mother, told viewers her daughter had initially named who she believed to be the father.'But our neighbour Andriy is not the father of my granddaughter Diana,' she said. It happened in February when I was in hospital with my newborn daughter Viktoria. She says one thing, then another thing, as if she doesn't know herself.'She pointed at Andriy before and I attacked him. ' 'Tanya cried and said she never did it.''When we left the scanner room, I began to cry, I felt so unwell. His mother called me in tears, saying everyone at her work blames him.'A body language specialist also pointed the finger at him.

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