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A few minutes later she’ll be back to normal, but this little event will stick with her. Another example is that you can say something like, “I love your boobs.

They’re so small and perky.”She’ll probably say something like, “They’re not that small!

Now remember, this isn’t something that you do on random girls.

This only works on girls that you’re currently sleeping with and already like you in some capacity.

You can’t just be eating dinner with them and randomly say, “You’re fat”.

To make the girl feel insecure without it backfiring, you have to do so at the right time and also in the right way.

But first...a quick message from our commercial sponsor... Every relationship you have should first honor and glorify God. I'm talking about every aspect of your life should be based on biblical principles. It does talk about relationships though...including teen dating. Before you engage in physical contact...remember that the person you're becoming intimate with may not be your spouse. We find what Paul is talking about in Exodus which says... It's almost the same...right down to the promise at the end which Paul talks about in verse three in Ephesians. Honour doesn't necessarily mean "obey" like in verse one. No matter where you are in life..should always honor your parents. They even know a lot more than you do no matter what you think.

But if you wait too long to do this, she probably will find another guy to treat her like shit (which she wants), and will stop seeing you. For example, you could say something like, “Did you eat anything strange today?

Once the timing is right, you have to do this in a way that’s very subtle and not flat-out insulting her. Your pussy smells different.”And then she’ll ask you a billion questions about it.

Before you start using these powerful weapons, you should have slept with her on at least 3 separate occasions.

If you do this too soon, she likely hasn’t invested enough into the relationship yet and will be like fuck that and stop seeing you.

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