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I'm not really good I can tell about myself, but still I will try. I am a sensual, understanding, honest, with good sense of humor. I do not need a lot of money, locks of gold or something else like that. I'm actually rather modest, so I hope that when we get to know each other better, my chosen one will know who I really was. The main thing is that he respected me, loved, and all that he would do me the happiest in the world, and in turn, and I will give him my love and make him happy.Where you will wish to come back again and again... And remember: If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that’s his problem. - Alena Hliatsevich - Alena Samandar - Elena Tvorovskaia - Irina Silina - Iryna Anastovich - Iryna Zverava - Iryna Hryhoryeva - Natallia Shymanskaya - Oksana Kukso - Oksana Tretiakova - Olga Mikhalevich - Varanika Huskova - Viktoryia Siaminova - Volha Bolbat - Yauheniya Bahatka - Yauheniya Chernikava You may also be are advised to send money at this bank account: Bank Of New York, New York, S. Needless to say this plus the fact that I could not call her and she was very against me visiting her in Minsk due to the 'unromantic' nature of her city. Mail forwarding & English-Russian-English translation service; gifts & flowers for your lady, tours & other services! Introduction of marriage minded men to single russian ladies."I never thought the security forces would do something like that," she said.

One man repeatedly held a knife up to Miss Shevchenko's throat and cut bits of her hair off.They were found by villagers and local police who alerted the Ukrainian embassy.Miss Shevchenko said the group had been prepared to be arrested for protesting in Minsk but did not anticipate such repressive measures.At one point they were ordered to hold Nazi flags bearing a swastika and made to state that they would never return Belarus.The group was eventually released and told to walk back to Ukraine.

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"Then they threw a substance all over my head," she said.

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