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The official reports from the military campaigns and colonial government of the time were full of curious information about local history and culture, as well as references to prospects for the economic development of “future Brazils.” At the same time, they took note of the incipient urban life in the small towns and cities where whites, natives and foreigners laboured, the random allegiances or submission of the indigenous authorities to the Portuguese flag (with the payment of the respective tax on huts), the violent incidents and acts that took place here and there, and the establishment of “outposts” (initially military and later administrative) to control vast territories, which were gradually linked by telegraph lines and roads opened after requisitioning “labourers” (albeit paid), managed by the Portuguese.

From these “few brilliant and consoling pages in the history of contemporary Portugal” (as Mouzinho de Albuquerque wrote), these men took the material needed to reinforce the model of the military hero, entirely and exclusively dedicated to serving his country, who was content simply to know he had done his duty and to receive some form of symbolic recognition from the country, such as decorations, tributes to the dead or, best of all, a place amongst the great names of Portugal.

Essentially, these were cases of resistance on the part of the socio-cultural survivors of the Old Regime, faced with the arrival of “progress” (ranging from the free press to the railways) and the emergence of a bourgeois civilization in which wealth no longer depended exclusively on birth and the church was no longer (almost entirely) indistinguishable from the state.

It should be noted that, with an essentially urban concept of the police dispersed on the streets dealing with vagrancy, soldiers were still responsible to a large extent for maintaining law and order in the territory, a duty which they exercised elegantly clad in breeches, short jacket and shako with the monarch – to which may be added the near monopoly of the court aristocracy over the senior command, as Monteiro (2007) has clearly shown, despite recourse to foreign commanders and soldiers, paid at the going rate – and the new requirement of loyalty and service to the (Valente, 1997; Marques, 1999).

It also refers, in general terms, to soldiers, but the intention is essentially to restrict this term to the body of professionals who choose a career in the armed forces and are the main repositories of military values and culture, historical memory and traditions.

It may be noted, as an aside, that this veritable mythology corresponded to the values extolled by the political class representing Liberal constitutionalism, but owed little to real history since, strictly speaking, it was only after the late 17 century that reference could be made to a national army (i.e.

a single army subordinate to the head of state, although raised in the provinces by municipalities and the nobility).

In effect, the current idea of the armed forces as an integrated structure with three branches that essentially ensures national defence is relatively recent in origin, dating from the Second World War and the beginning of U. It should, however, be noted that even in a country with an overseas empire such as the one that Portugal possessed in the first half of the 19 century, the institutional framework for the defence of Portuguese sovereignty in such faraway places was never entirely satisfactorily resolved, bearing in mind the means of communication at the time.

However, the of the various theatres of operations and, without doubt, also the influences of the most powerful endogenous interests generally led to associating the army with the external actions of the state (“war” and diplomacy), whilst “navy and overseas affairs” were managed jointly (Barata & Teixeira, 2003; Telo, 1999).

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Additionally, they are the main reserve for the authority and intelligence that organise all operational units and that provide the rationale for the actions undertaken by the nation’s armed forces.(those with fundamental responsibilities for commanding troops and the corresponding prerogatives), rather than the sergeants and ordinary soldiers, despite the fact that these subordinate ranks exist in much larger numbers.

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