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The range has a number of major ski resorts, and is a popular destination for tourists engaging in downhill and cross-country skiing, hiking, cycling and other activities.The Czech name "Krkonoše" is first mentioned (in the singular, as "Krkonoš") in a 1492 record of the division of the Manor of Štěpanice into two parts.The river valleys and lower layers form the sub-montane zone.The aboriginal hardwood and mixed forests are largely replaced with spruce monocultures.

The species-richest areas are called zahrádka ("garden").The pass Novosvětský průsmyk (Polish: Przełęcz Szklarska) at Jakuszyce forms the western border with the Jizera Mountains.The Bohemian ridge in the Czech Republic, running parallel to the main ridge, forms a second ridge (also called inner ridge).Only the river valleys offer remnants of hardwood forests. Their natural coniferous forests have also in large parts been replaced by spruce monocultures, which are often heavily damaged due to air pollution and soil acidification. This is due to the geographic location in the Black Triangle, a region around the German-Polish-Czech border triangle with many coal-burning power plants.The sulfur dioxide emissions, which are mainly responsible for acid rain, and the emission of many other concentrations The clearing of forests in the surroundings of mountain huts created species-rich mountain meadows, which were maintained in alpine pasture farming.

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This habitat of special importance in the Krkonoše is a relic of Arctic tundra, which was typical in Central Europe during the ice age.

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