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But a lot of them are unsuccessful and frustrated with their results.

It is more efficient to meet someone through a professional matchmaker.

It particularly sucks when you think everything's going so well, only to be proven wrong.

The digital disappearing act seems so mean and cowardly, and the offline disappearing act is even worse.

It's statistically noted that "Men lie the most about their age, height and income.

Meanwhile, women lie the most about weight, physical build and age."That being said, your dating site will recommend you meet men or women who seem statistically the most compatible with you based on their answers.

With online dating, however, meeting someone face-to-face does not always happen that fast.

Many give up with online dating sites because they get nowhere.

OK, while online dating sites do invest a lot of time and energy into researching the very best algorithms to properly guide online dating users to their perfect mates, the flaw in this whole process is the fact that people lie.

If you're interested in a serious, long-term relationship, you have your work cut out for you online.

I find the Gen-Y single generation to be a tad impatient.

You make several attempts at communicating with someone who's clearly expressed an interest in you, only to get hurt.

Matchmaking has a much gentler, more informed and more civil way of dealing with rejection.

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However, there isn't anyone making sure that those answers are accurate.

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