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Sean and Cat: Lan Kwai Fong newbie, lawyer Sean is instantly drawn to club man eater Cat, but she has no interest in him.Cat only cares about who she'll have sex with that night. First time I saw that shortcut I thought it’s really about cats and kitties, just like ‘Xing’ on the road in America – we drive somewhere and I popped out with ‘wow, that Chinese dude Xing must done something really big here, look how many streets are named by him’. So in general category III films are like The Game of Thrones – Blood, boobs and more boobs. But coming back to the main topic – Hong Kong motion picture rating system has 3 levels and 2 sub-levels of rating the movies you can see at the cinema or at home.However Jeana seems to be more interested in her new found popularity among guys.With guys crawling all over her she soon becomes promiscuous by having quickies with strangers at the club bathroom.

The two eventually have a somewhat relationship, but due to misunderstandings and trust issues they have a huge fight on New Year's with Jennifer disappearing from Steven's life.Steven who sees Jennifer outside the club is instantly attracted to her and the same goes for her, but once in the club Jennifer is pulled away to meet Lin Lin's rich friend Andy Lau from Shanghai.As Jennifer is calling for a taxi to go home she runs into a drunk Steven in the streets and helps him home.As I already mentioned I have always been that weird child who watched Discovery Channel and their series called ‘crime night’ with all medical detectives, FBI agents and other not really children-suitable TV shows. Of course there are many more I really got into while watching like the ‘Intruder’ or the one with two girl and body burnt by acid which title I cannot remember – if anyone of you know the title, please tell me! I must want you: what you might read or see here from now on might make you feel disturbed or disgust, if you’re a sensitive person DON’T SCROLL DOWN. Because comparing to movies above this one was commited by kids. It is sad what human can do to other human and when you realize murderers where younger than you, maybe in the age of your child…

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Jacky and Jeana: Club manager Jacky tags along to help Steven fix Lin Lin's friend Andy, but becomes interested in Jeana and wants to get to know her.

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