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The show started productions with veteran Lim Jung-ah, who produced Star Edition, and co-produced, with Yeo Woon-hyuk, variety shows MBC's Radio Star, and JTBC's Men's Stuff, after coming over to the cable company, from the major networks, in 2011.The show's format, presented with humor, is meant to emulate a meeting of world leaders, like Doctors Without Borders, i.e.He has been in Korea for eleven years and said he wants to "break prejudices of Russia" and talk about Russia’s relationship with America and China.

The actors also serve as cultural ambassadors for their home countries and can find themselves deconstructing stereotypes about other parts of the world.One of the original cast members, Daniel Snoeks, whose hands and much of his body were tattooed, and his appearance on the show, was said to contribute to "the cause" of tattoo artists in South Korea, where injecting ink into the skin can only be done legally by qualified doctors, despite the "growing fashion trend." Snoeks said people encountering him on the subway used to move away and comment that his tattoos were "disgusting" or "scary" and after he appeared on the show, people wanted to take pictures with him.In September, KOCCA said the show "runs a fierce debate on Korean culture" and "their speeches frequently become a hot issue among young viewers, sometimes for being too radical and sometimes too conservative.On June 20, 2015, Director Kim Hee-Jung announced that six members of the cast, Belyakov, Quintart, Shakya, Deiana, Williams and Terada, would be leaving.She said the change was in order to introduce new cultures and for viewers to hear the reactions of other countries; with new members to be announced on July 6.

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