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How she ended up auditioning for Daenerys is a circuitous tale: British actress Tamzin Merchant originally shot the pilot, but after HBO picked up the series, the producers recast for reasons never publicly explained. "This character needed to step into Joan of Arc territory, to deliver a messianic level of intensity.In any case, Clarke remembers preparing for her audition by studying George R. Martin's novels and listening to Tupac Shakur in an effort to unleash her inner ferocity. There was only one actress [we saw] who could do that." , although she was curious enough to take two meetings with director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Clarke, who went by "Fast Eddie," died peacefully after fighting pneumonia. Motorhead frontman Lemmy (aka Ian Kilmister) and bandmate Phil Taylor died 2 years ago.casting director and several of the show's producers. "There was a huge, incredible plateau of fruit," Clarke, 28, recalls in her chirpy British accent. This is a audition.' " Just one year out of the famed Drama Centre London (other alums include Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy), the self-described "country girl" who grew up in Berkshire near Oxford University (where her father is a theater sound engineer and her mom a marketing exec) was struck by the extravagance.

' director, Alan Taylor, credits Clarke's British training as one reason he cast her as the mother of John Connor.When she made her New York stage debut in 2013 as Holly Golightly in character has been known to disrobe on occasion as well, although not so much lately."There are other women who remove items of clothing on our show, so they've kind of got my nipple count down now," she jokes. A REPORTER AT LARGE Tupac Shakur was one of gangsta rap's biggest stars.But he got caught in a collision of cultures when inner-city gangs met up with the multibillion-dollar record industry. 750 sedan driven by Marion (Suge) Knight, the head of Death Row Records.

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One sequence in the film is set just before Tupac’s still-unsolved murder in Las Vegas in 1996, and finds both Tupac and Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight fuming after hearing Snoop offering “love” to their New York rivals Notorious B. G., Puff Daddy and the rest of the Bad Boy Records crew in a radio interview.

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